IPTransactionsSolutions – Your Intellectual Property matters.

Correctly managed, intellectual property represents a valuable business asset that can be commercialized, bought and sold. Negotiating and preparing agreements in relation to IP requires not only an understanding of the IP asset, but also the client’s business goals. A well-drafted agreement, which clearly sets out the parties’ rights and obligations, ensures the longevity of the IP right and business relationship which may underpin the IP asset.

At Nexus, we work closely with the client and other lawyers to structure the agreement that best protects our clients’ business interests. We consider ourselves a key partner in helping our clients leverage the value of their intellectual property assets.

We offer our clients a wide range of services, including:

Due diligence opinions
Technology transfer agreements
Licensing agreements
Security agreements
IP-related commercial contracts including employment, manufacturing, distribution, consulting, independent contractor, and technical assistance agreements